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International motivational Speakers, Psychologists, Authors and Mind power trainers.

Stars of success training services is founded by international motivational speaker,author and Psychologist Mr.Sebin S Kottaram.

Stars of success strives to be the difference-maker in people's personal, family and professional success.

Based on the principles of founder, Sebin S Kottaram,we convey powerful life improvement messages that transcend barriers of age, culture and occupation. Delivered through personal development training and corporate training programs, Sebin S Kottaram & Jobin S Kottaram have impacted more than three million lives in and around the globe.

Our training programme, encourages, builds, boosts and uplifts morale of corporate executives. In leading organizations, Our Master Trainers Sebin and Jobin S Kottaram  is well known for their High Energy and empowering motivational presentations, They leave the audience Motivated, Focused, Energized, Collaborated and help them create the kind of Synergy that you have never seen before.

About Sebin S Kottaram
Mr.Sebin S Kottaram is an international recognized motivational speaker,psychologist,author and Mind Power trainer.
He inspires and encourages people, making them realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to various countries including USA, Germany, France and Nethrerlands.
Mr.Sebin is the author of 20 motivational books.
He is an active presence in the field of motivational training for the last ten years. He has been presented the highest civilian award for bravery “The Jeevan Raksha Padak” from the president of india  in 2000 for saving the lives of two drowning youths. In recognition to this act, the state government in Kerala, honored him by declaring him a state guest for a week. His articles received international acclaim and he was given an international award from  United States in recognition of his efforts in the year 2009. During the same year he got the Aksharam Award. As a student, he received the State Government’s Best National Service Scheme Volunteer award in view of his humanitarian activities in 1998.
Tens of thousands have benefitted from his dynamic workshops internationally and many people have heard him as a key note speaker. He has appeared on numerous radio & Television shows.
For over 10 years, Mr.Sebin S Kottaram has dedicated his life to modeling the most successful people by helping them to realize and experience their true potential.
He has discovered and simplified the core distinctions and strategies that can be applied immediately to measurably improve the quality of your life.
About Jobin S Kottaram
A world recognized authority on Personal Breakthrough, Experiential and Fun based Learning; Jobin has totally revolutionized the way training programs are conducted in multinational corporates by incorporating spiritual and scientific principles of achievement in his trainings. What sets him apart from the rest is his real time learning from the Yogis, Shamans and several other remote tribesmen spread across the globe. He then "corporatizes" their ancient wisdom and imparts the same through his unique and highly motivating seminars.
Known for his interactive, unconventional, experiential training methods, Jobin's sessions have spelled dramatic and tangible results for many Fortune Companies!

Apart from being a celebrity columnist in leading newspapers ,Jobin is also invited on television and radio shows worldwide to share his expertise on Peak Performance, Personal Breakthrough and Motivation.

As one of the most widely recognized Mind power trainer and Motivational Speaker in India, Mr.Jobin S Kottaram has earned national wide prominence by guiding hundreds of clients to Wealth, Achievement & Happiness.
He became the first ever Malayali to have hosted a motivational show on Asianet, a Malayalam television channel. The show called ‘’Vijayamanthra’’ spelt out success secrets to Malayalees all over the world. Surya T.V have aired two half an hour interviews with Jobin. He has also anchored a programme called ‘Be Positive’ on shalom TV.India’s national television channel DOORDARSHAN has telecasted an hour long interview with him in Feb 2013 on their prime time schedule.
As a renowned coach and speaker, Jobin helps people structure their lives, so that they can attract the opportunities they want in life.
His cutting edge programme works with executives, employees, public officials, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, parents, business owners , NRI’s around the globe in Person, by phone and online.
Jobin leads seminars nationally and internationally.
Jobin is the author of several best selling motivational books in Malayalam and English. Which includes bestselling titles like  ‘I CAN WIN’, Life success through Personality Development, How to transform failures into success, Career Management, How to beat office stress, Teenage and Personality Development, Key to Success, How to be a successful employee etc.His elegant and precise style attract thousands of readers .All these book have done five to six reprints and notched record sales.
Prior to becoming a Coach Mr.Jobin held corporate positions in companies like NDTV, CNN-IBN and ICICI Prudential, AVIVA over a period of 10 years as a corporate trainer.
Jobin S Kottaram is a popular key word in Google search with more than 33000 web results. That shows the popularity and genuineness of this trainer.




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